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Using BitCoins At Steroidsfax

Using BitCoins At Steroidsfax
We believe it’s important to offer a wide variety of convenient payment options for our users so that they can secure their products in whatever manner suits them best.
That’s why we’re proud to offer BitCoin, owing to the soaring popularity this trading format has seen over recent years. We’ve created this post to explain what it is and how to use it so that you too can start benefitting from it.

How To Buy Steroids With BitCoin And What Is It?

To purchase steroids via this payment format, simply add your desired product to your virtual basket and select this method when processing payment.
From here, use any available coins you have as currency.
A BitCoin is a form of “E”-currency. Whilst “electronic” money is by no means a new concept, BitCoins are a little different in that they are actually an independent form of currency in their own right.

How Does It Differ When Compared To Other Currencies?

Much in the same way that gold and diamonds aren’t direct currencies, but can still be either traded directly or converted into them – BitCoins are an independent digital resource that carry their own (ever increasing) value.
One coin is currently worth roughly $450, and with production being capped at 21 billion coins (this figure will be reached over the next two decades) this means that they’ll always be a scarce resource.
You could say that they’re a “gift” that’s going to keep on giving, providing you stockpile them.

Several Important Features Of Bitcoin

First and foremost, the coin user network is heavily encrypted to the extent that breaking into it and accessing the details of those storing or using the coins is almost impossible. It’s one of the safest currency types in the world and can be used to purchase almost any item you can think of online.
Another important feature is that these coins aren’t regulated by any government authority, meaning that they can’t be taxed or easily traced. You can anonymously use them to purchase any item of your choosing.
Though others in the coin network can see where the coins get sent and where they came from, they cannot find out any personal information in regards to the coin owners.

Steps For Paying For Orders Via BitCoin

You must first ensure that you have a digital wallet (simply head to to acquire one.)
Following this, please adhere to the steps below:
l  When paying, choose “BitCoin” in the payments method list (you’ll then be provided with our unique BC address)
l  Purchase the quantity of coins needed (if you don’t already have them) then transfer them to us
l  Once you have sent your BitCoins, log into your account and click on the link that says “send payment information” then let us know that you have sent the coins
l  For the MTCN or REF simply enter your BitCoin address or the transaction ID reference
l  State the exact amount that you wish to send
Once the final step is complete, that’s it – you’re done. Your order will then be swiftly shipped out.

How To Buy BitCoins With Credit Card Or Debit Card

Buying these coins is tremendously easy – there are several online sites (including the dedicated BitCoin network itself) where you can trade in your chosen currency directly for the equivalent value in BitCoins.
You’ll need a machine to place your digital wallet on, and from there, it’s totally up to you how many coins you choose to purchase. Once you’ve got them, you can then purchase almost anything you can think of on the internet.

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