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A Guide To Injecting Safely

A Guide To Injecting Safely
Those who haven’t injected before often fear this procedure, worrying that they’ll get it wrong and cause themselves damage.
It’s a shame too, because injecting is arguably safer than taking orals provided you do it properly.
There’s no risk of liver toxicity taking place, and most people agree that it’s far more convenient, being that you won’t need to take your chosen compound as regularly as you would with pills.
We’re going to provide you with an overview and analysis of the correct guidelines to follow in order to get this procedure right and guarantee your safety – no matter how you choose to inject.

How To Inject Anabolic Steroids By Intramuscular Method

In order to inject intramuscularly, you simply need to select your relevant injection site and ensure that the needle pierces the skin, before sliding into the muscle itself.
You’ll know when it has gone in far enough because the needle will almost completely disappear. You should always pull back on the lever to a small degree before proceeding to inject to ensure that no blood enters the vial.
Blood is a sign that you have hit a blood vessel, and the process must restart if this is the case.
Popular intramuscular sites are the glutes and deltoids being that they can hold large quantities of your chosen substance.
Other areas include but are not limited to:
●     The thighs
●     The chest muscles
●     The triceps
●     The biceps
●     The traps
●     The lats
Don’t forget to rotate your site regularly to avoid infection.

Types Of Syringes And Needles To Use

In regards to syringes, you need to purchase a product that features relevant measurements based on your particular substance type. Simply put – the numbers on the side need to correlate with your required dosage type.
You’re also going to need to purchase a series of drawing and injecting needles.
The drawing needle should be between 40 or 50 mm in length, and the injecting needle should be 30mm in length for injecting into the quads or buttocks (any of the larger areas) or 25mm in length for injecting into the deltoids or arms (any of the smaller areas in general.)

Specific Locations To Inject Steroids

As mentioned, there are several sites at your disposal when choosing the intramuscular method, all of which are going to be safe for administration provided you use the correct equipment.
With that said, the glutes and deltoids are recommended for those with little experience being that they are simply the “easiest” areas to work with.
If you’re using growth hormone or any peptide steroid variants based in water, you’ll need to inject subcutaneously. This simply involves injecting into the fatty tissue underneath the surface of the skin.
The most popular site for the above method is the stomach.

Pre-Injection Care

Before injecting, you should always ensure that you wipe down your administration site with a sterile wipe thoroughly to avoid infection.
It’s also a good idea to wipe down your product vial too – this will ensure no dirt particles are present to enter the needle and cause you harm.
Never forget to wipe down your injection site once you are finished in conjunction with capping both your injection and drawing needles before disposing of them safely.

Worldwide Steroids Delivery

You can purchase all of the above items in conjunction with any injectable steroid you need at steroidsfax.
We carry a wide array of administration material to ensure your injection process goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end – we pride ourselves on offering worldwide delivery for convenience.
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