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Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150 is a popular steroid by Dragon Pharma and contains 3 different active compounds in it; Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate. The composition of every component is in equal proportions. This steroid is specially designed for bodybuilders.


It is very difficult to buy it as it is considered an illegal steroid due to its use for bodybuilding purposes. However, you can easily buy it from Steroidsfax as it is available here by the brand code of V-303. It is an injectable steroid and comes in a vial of 10 ml. The amount of active substances is 150 mg per ml. The price of this vial is $60.


This steroid with a combination of 3 different components has a lot of benefits. But these benefits are only for those bodybuilders which are weighing 80 kg or above. These benefits include:

•           This steroid has both androgenic and anabolic effects. This makes it beneficial in both cutting and bulking phases. It gives an additional benefit, as it helps to wipe out the water retained in muscle during the use of any other steroid.

•           Bodybuilders who weigh 80 kg or more can use it and see the incredible effects of it. Only consuming this steroid for only 5 to 7 weeks will result in the addition of 6 to 8 kg of pure lean muscles. This addition will come only if you are having a proper diet along with it. Without training and a proper diet, this steroid is useless.

•           It is also beneficial in the recovery phases as it boosts up the process. Other than that, it also strengthens and flexes the joints and ligaments. Endurance and increased libido are some plus benefits of this steroid.


This steroid is only for experts and not recommended to beginners. The cycle must not exceed the 6 weeks duration. And the amount per day should be kept very precise and must not exceed 1 ml per day. It is suggested that a break of one day must be taken after 3 continuous days.

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