Hilma Trenbolone Acetate

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Formula concentration: 100mg/ml - 10ml per vial

Anabolic rating: 500

Androgenic rating: 500

Affinity for conversion to estrogen: Non-existent

Trenbolone Acetate: Basic information and mechanisms of action

Trenbolone is a chemical that was never originally intended for human use. Its nandrolone-based structure (meaning it stems from the removal of a carbon atom from the 19th carbon position) was modified to include a double carbon bond between the ninth and eleventh carbon points, resulting in a very potent product. It was originally used for boosting the meat content of livestock.


However, its potent effect on lean mass meant it was soon utilized by persons in athletic and bodybuilding circles. This means that the item had to be prepared for human administration, as its original form was as pellets to be consumed by said livestock.


However, its impact on human users meant it has appeared to have been worth the effort. Trenbolone stands as five times more potent than conventional testosterone products, which can provide impressive results in terms of appearance and capabilities as it stands. This means that it will bind to androgen receptors at select cell sites in a far quicker, more efficient and more numerous manner for every milligram taken than other products. This then elicits a stronger change in the signaling cascade within these select cells (i.e. muscle tissue cells), which leads to the greater accumulation of lean tissue and force and power capabilities associated with it.


It also provides these results in a far more efficient way than its latter mentioned counterparts. This is because it is also not partially processed into the estrogen chemical, when being metabolized by the body. This results in none associated effects of higher levels of this hormone, like water retention and increased adipose tissue accumulation.


Realistically, an anabolic agent, that doesn't partially convert to estrogen with metabolism, is not exactly new. There are a few others that also have a similarly efficient effect. The difference here lies in potency. All of the other anabolics that don't partially process into estrogen when taken are either weaker or around the same potency as that of conventional testosterone. None are as potent as Trenbolone. This gives some athletes, particularly bodybuilder a huge reason to choose this drug over others, and explains its immense popularity in these circles.

Common uses and results

Looking at the above-mentioned effects that Trenbolone has, it should be easy to imagine the most common uses for it. Due to the lack of purpose for it in human use, it has rarely, if ever, been used in medical circles. In athletic and bodybuilding circles, it is used during periods where those including it in their regimens have the goal of preserving, or even augmenting some muscle mass while concurrently reducing overall size through fat loss.


Because this form of Trenbolone has a fast-release chemical delivery agent, making it a fast-acting product, and in need of frequent administration for prolonged effect, it is commonly used when users are close to a competitive event show. It is usually utilized here for a period of around 4 to 8 weeks before finishing up.


As you can also guess, the result is a sharp-increase-known mass and force and power output capacity, as well as a small benefit to work capacity. It can also raise aggression, which, while listed below as an unwanted adverse effect, may be beneficial to performance in competition or the gym.


However, as just mentioned, there are some unwanted events associated with the use of Trenbolone, which unfortunately made it as famous as its benefits.

Potential side effects with use

The lack of human focus during the development of Trenbolone meant that there was little thought given by chemists, as to the potential adverse impact this drug could have on a person. As a result, Trenbolone has some notorious unwanted effects, which merit careful consideration when someone is looking at including it in his/her program.


These may include:

  • Breathlessness and coughing, shortly after administration
  • Mood swings and changes, which can result in an increased anger and aggression, or depression after use has ended
  • While estrogen may not rise with use, progestational effects are still possible, meaning issues like tissue deposits around the breasts, known as gynecomastia, is still possible
  • Sleep disturbances
  • A greater reduction in endogenous testosterone manufacturing than even seen with the use of other anabolics, which is also more sustained after use has ceased

These all occur in tandem with more commonly know unwanted events associated with anabolics like:

  • An enlarged heart size, rise in unhealthy cholesterol levels, and reduced blood vessel wall flexibility, which could raise risk of a cardiac event
  • Androgenic-mediated events, like skin issues and faster balding in genetically predisposed people, as well as formalizing effects in female users, the use of which is highly cautioned against and not recommended for these individuals

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg/ml
Common name Trenbolone Acetate, Finaplix

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