Hilma Trenbolone Mix

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Formula concentration: 150 mg/ml - 10 ml per vial

Anabolic rating: 500

Androgenic Rating: 500

Affinity for estrogenic conversion: Nil

Tri-Trenabol: History and basic information

Tri-Trenabol (sometimes also referred to as Parabolas) is a relatively unique agent and is unparalleled in its potency. This item is a miss formula of the Trenbolone compound. As such, its origins are shared with its single ingredient counterpart. Namely, it is a veterinary and animal-based drug used to aid muscle accumulation by livestock.


However, the Tri-Trenabol mix, which contains three different forms of the same item, has its roots in underground labs. It was originally synthesised by a particularly famous lab called British Dragon labs in the early 1990s, meaning the main purpose of its creation was performance and aesthetic enhancement.


From a chemical perspective, the primary chemical structure of this mixture remains the same for all of its ingredients. Specifically, the introduction of a double carbon bridge at the 9th and 11 points along its structure, which is a structure characterized by a 19-nortestosterone structure (which means it is an offshoot of the more classical hormone with the removal of a carbon atom at the 19th point), all of which makes it a very stable, and hence potent, agent.


The only thing that differentiates this three-ingredient formula from its simpler counterpart is the chemical delivery agents, known as esters, that are attached to each individual ingredient, which dictates its rate of release and processing in the body once administered.


The formula, in a 1 millilitre amount, includes:


     Trenbolone Enanthate in a 50 milligrams amount

     Trenbolone Acetate in a 50 milligrams amount

     Trenbolone Hydrobenzylcarbonate in a 50 milligrams amount


This gives each ingredient a half-life of 10 days, 3 days, and 14 days, respectively. This is done in an attempt to elicit multiple spikes in the circulating levels of the chemical, but it is uncertain whether this occurs in practice or not, and whether there is simply a more prolonged, steady rate of release of the item. This nevertheless allows a more sustained release and action of the chemical than normal, the details of which are discussed below.

Common uses, mechanisms of action and administration

As mentioned above, this chemical is an incredibly stable and potent variation of the 19-nortestosterone product. This means its primary action on the body, once administered, remains the same as its chemical cousins.


Namely, it acts by binding to androgen receptors, eliciting a change in cellular, molecular signalling in specific cells, and causing a number of global changes (increased protein and lean mass production with a concurrent reduction in breakdown and a boost in erythrocyte production).


However, where it differs from a lot of similar chemical agents is in its lack of affinity for partial oestrogen conversion (via aromatization), due to its 19-nortestosterone structure and double bonds. For this reason, it provides a lean boost in mass with little fat and fluid retention.


This makes it ideal, and the most common choice, for experienced users looking to gain lean muscle, or retain as much of it as possible, when close to a competition, although off-season use for muscle gain is not uncommon. Its potency also means it is best served, and most commonly only reserved for, experienced male users. It is not advised for the use of females or newcomers to the use of these types of products, as they can be far more susceptible to the negative effects, listed in the section below.


In terms of administration, the item is almost always injected, and intramuscularly, lateral deltoid in the side shoulder, or the glutes in the buttocks being common sites. It is also advised that these sites be rotated, in order to reduce the risk of soreness or injection site infection. It should also be noted that the longer lasting nature of this chemical means it does not need to be administered as frequently as the more common and simple acetate version, which is taken every other day. Here, a once weekly administration should suffice in delivering the outcomes desired, which again means a lower chance of incurring unwanted injection related events. The amount and the details of its effects thereafter are discussed below.

Dosage, period of use and effects (positive and negative)

Dosage and length of use

The most commonly reported dosage is approximately 150 milligrams weekly for intermediate users, all the way up to 500 milligrams weekly for highly experienced users.


The most common length of time for the use of this item is around 8-12 weeks, although some highly seasoned users have reported using it for as long as 14 weeks.

Positive outcomes

As alluded to above, the use of this potent item can help deliver a number of benefits for recreational and competitive users. These can include:


     A rapid and large increase in lean muscle mass (just under 10kg in as little as 8 weeks)

     A marked boost in red blood cell count, and a greater work capacity

     Greater force and power production capacity

     Greater and more rapid recovery from strenuous training and competition

     Change in body composition and relative body fat percentage

Negative outcomes

Despite the range of positive outcomes laid out above, this item, like many drugs, does not come without of share of drawbacks. Some of which are unique to this chemical, due to its stubborn structure. These involve:


     Enlarged heart size and reduced blood vessel plasticity, as well as a rise in blood pressure, all increasing the chance of a cardiac event

     Increased aggressiveness and mood changes

     Sleep disturbances

     Shortness of breath and coughing after administration

     The risk of increased progestational activity, which affects sexual performance and can induce gynecomastia independent of oestrogen levels

     Androgenic-dependant issues like skin problems and hair loss in those genetically predisposed

     An especially potent impact on reducing and ceasing the production of endogenous testosterone manufacturing

The above-mentioned final point illustrates the importance of a post-cycle regime to encourage recovery to normal endogenous production after chemical supplementation. Items like tamoxifen are useful here.

Acquiring this product

As may be guessed from reading everything above, there is no over-the-counter means of acquiring this item, not even a prescription for it, due to its lack of certified human use. So, it must be acquired by an underground dealer or an online vendor.


It should be noted that the latter will often offer better pricing and more transparency, with reviews offering an insight into the quality of the products sold. But, as always, you'll need to do your homework before purchasing. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Blend of: trenbolone enanthate 50 mg/ml; trenbolone acetate 50 mg/ml; trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50 mg/ml.
Common name Trenbolone Mix

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