Hilma Methandienone

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Formula concentration: 10mg/tablet - 100 tablets per bottle

Anabolic rating: 150

Androgenic rating: 50

Affinity for conversion to estrogen: Moderate

Methandienone: Basic information, action, dosing, and history

Methandienone was originally synthesized in the middle of the 20th century, mainly for the treatment of medical ailments. However, it very quickly got appropriated for aesthetic or athletic purposes. In fact, it was one of the first ones appropriated in this fashion.


It’s modified from conventional testosterone by the addition of a methyl group at the alpha position of the 17th carbon point of the structure. It also has a double bond between the first and second carbon points.


This means that, when it binds with select androgen receptors, it doesn’t exhibit the same degree of androgen-mediated adverse events, like skin issues. Yet, the c-17-alkylation can help boost its potency, at the cost of increased hepatic strain, helping provide some significant results for its users.


It’s also a fast-acting drug, which means its easier to control the levels of the compound in the body. It also means that common doses for aesthetic or athletic purposes, that of 10 to 100 milligrams per day for males, is usually split over 3 to 5 ingestions throughout the day.

Common results

As mentioned above, Methandienone can help provide some impressive outcomes for those taking it to accrue size. Some results reported an increase of approximately 2 to 4 pounds of weight each week, although this does occur with a high degree of water retention and some adipose tissue accrual.


The hepatic strain also means the length of the period of use for Methandienone is advised to stay within the 4 to 6 weeks mark.

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Metandienone, Methandienone, Methandrostenolone
Common name Dianabol, Dbol

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